Baby Burning Man

Although Kidsville provides an excellent environment for families traveling to Black Rock City, this shoot was inspired by the colorful attire found at Burning Man. The shoot actually took place at Pope Farm Conservancy in Verona, Wisconsin. The fields boast over 500,000 sunflowers, it is a truly magical place.

The Friends of Pope Farm Conservancy is a non profit organization established in 2013 to enhance educational opportunities, preserve the balance of its wildlife habitat and historical features, and protect its scenic landscapes. Farmers harvest the sunflower seeds in December and then sell them to the public.

We shot six full looks on Zelda, dubbed “Sparkle Monkey” for the occasion, all while playing hide n seek throughout the sunflower fields. Discover the magic captured here by photographer Hallie Duesenberg.

Model: Zelda 

Photography: Hallie Duesenberg