#TheRealBuy with Trevor “Trouble” Andrew

New York Fashion Week kicks off with an exhibition at Milk Studios featuring various DIY works by Trevor Trouble Andrew, the creative behind the GucciGhost project. The works included an old school car with luggage and handbags under the front hood, a boom box, dominos tables, a couch, a barber chair, skateboards, and the name behind the project: a hanging Gucci monogram bed sheet with eye holes cut out. Jackets outlined the ceiling at Milk, showcasing painted works on leather, nylon, and denim.

The GucciGhost project stemmed from a fluke Halloween costume in 2013. Desperate for something to wear, Andrew turned a Gucci bed sheet into his costume by cutting eyeholes. Clearly a hit, this was the birth of part of his now famous persona.

According to the New York Post, Andrew’s partnership offer with Gucci “was dope”. Haha.

Scope the photos here. If you want to catch the exhibit yourself, it will be open to the public until September 23rd.